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Breakfast sandwich
This was the first recipe that we had to come up with all on our own, it was a breakfast sandwich. In this we used one of the eggs that we learned and remade the scones form before too. One of the biggest parts to doing this recipe was time mana (More)
Breakfast Home Lab
I was excited to plan this meal for my family so that I could try out some new recipes and hopefully find a new favourite. I took a couple classes to brainstorm and I used Pinterest to find my recipes. We were given the task to make 2 breakf (More)
Breakfast Hash
For our last lab before spring break, we made a breakfast hash. Since we had a break coming up, there were lots of ingredients left in the fridge which would go to waste unless we used them and hash is a dish that you can really throw whatever you w (More)
Design Your Own Breakfast Sandwich
For the breakfast sandwich lab I had the opportunity to build my own sandwich and choose what I put inside. My sandwich consisted of 2 strips of bacon, a fried egg, a hash brown patty and creamy avocado spread, all built inside a homemade English mu (More)
Shakshuka with Feta
For one of the last breakfast labs we made shakshuka with feta! I was absent from school the day this lab took place, so I got to make my dish at home. This dish originated from North America, but is a traditional breakfast food served in Israel (More)
Basic Crepes
For this lab we made basic crepes, with a filling of our choice. This was my first time making crepes and I thought it would be a much harder process then it turned out to be! The crepe recipe consisted of 6 simple ingredients and the cooking pr (More)
Veggie Frittata your way
For this lab I got the opportunity to customize and make a veggie frittata to my liking. This was my first time making frittata, but I felt pretty comfortable making it as I often make omelettes, which is a similar dish. Frittata Is an egg break (More)
Breakfast/Lunch Home Lab
For this assignment, we were to create our own breakfast at home and serve it to our families. I made a blueberry smoothie, breakfast hash, and congee. Some of the tools I needed for this meal included a blender, small measures, dry measures (More)
Breakfast Hash
In this lab, we made a breakfast hash. The product standards for this lab were for the egg to be slightly runny and the potatoes are golden brown. The skills I used during this lab include sautéing, knife skills and egg cookery. One special (More)
Veggie Frittata
In this lab, we made our very own veggie frittatas. For my frittata, I added broccoli, red pepper, tomato, and garlic. The methods we used in this lab include sautéing, egg cookery, and knife skills. I was able to learn an easy dish great fo (More)
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