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Potato Hash
I rate my potato hash 5 out 5 because it was really easy to make and it was delicious. The safety concerns for this recipe is the oven. the nutrition for this hash is totally up to you and what you want to put in it. I think the nutrition fo (More)
Breakfast Home Lab
I rate my breakfast lab 5 out 5 because it was fun to make and it tasted very good. the recipes that I had were not very hard to make but it took a lot of time to make because it had to be in the oven for a long time. The smoothie that I mak (More)
Veggie Frittata
I rate my veggie frittata 5 out of 5 because it was really good and the process to make it was not that hard. I learned that frittata's originate from Italy. The methods that we use in the recipe is egg cookery, and knife skills. To cook a f (More)
Basic Crepes with Apple Filling
I rate the crepes and filling that I made 4 out of 5. I learned that if you put too much or too little of the batter then it will not turn out like you want at all. Making the filling was a success because it looked and smelled good and tast (More)
Shakshuka with Feta
I rate my Shakshuka with Feta 4 out 5. I learnt that coriander is made from dried cilantro. The method that we used to make this recipe was egg cookery, knife skills, and sauté veggies. This Shakshuka dish is originated from North Africa and (More)
Fried Egg
I rated the fried egg I made a 5 out of 5 because I really enjoyed eating it and the process was very smooth. I learnt how to make a fried egg, before this I have never made or tried a fried egg. The success of this recipe that it turned out (More)
Breakfest Sandwich
I rated my breakfast sandwich 3.5 out of 5. the method that I used is the biscuit method for the scones. The skills that I used for this was the oven so I could bake the scones and making the egg on the stove. I also had to cook my bacon on (More)
Fruit skillet cake
Reflection. This recipe was a good one to do on the first day. It wasn’t too hard or too easy. I had to make the cake batter. It wasn’t hard the one thing to make sure you didn’t do was to over mix the batter. My partner cut the apple. We also m (More)
Chilli and cornbread
Refection. This lab was a fun and tasty lab. The chilli was really good and making it was a bit long but worth it. Took us two days to finish it . The cornbread wasn’t to hard but I don’t really care for it. For me it’s too grainy. Would I make (More)
Waffles and Crepes with a Blueberry sauce
Reflection I really like this recipe. The best part was the blueberry sauce it was sweet, sour and warm. The crepes were hard to make at the beginning but after awhile you get used to it and it gets easier. I didn't make the waffles but they (More)
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