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CompCulture Email Sent
I have sent an email to your SD43 accounts.  You need to use these to access Microsoft Teams.  That is the main place our learning will happen.  Log in and check in to your Teams (there is a forum place on the main page).  Welcome to our continued le (More)
I have sent an Email from my School contact Email address.  It is is still I sent it to your parents primary contact.  Ultimately it will be your addresses that need to log into our class and  submit some assignments as we move for (More)
Egypt Expert Rubric
We picked an expert topic to research on Egypt mid week.  Here is the rubric for the presentation (Tuesday and Wednesday presentations). Rubric for Egyptian Experts TOPIC Not Yet Meeting Minimal Meeting Meeting Exceeding Historic (More)
Comparative cultures project
We did a quiz on Egyptian Gods today.  Also we got assigned expert topics to present on next Tuesday . I am hoping this (More)
We made God Charts!
Egypt god charts from Friday / Monday. Egypt Gods Codex block 1 More)
Egypt PPT
Introduced a power point overview of Egypt.  We did Geography, Dynasty / Kingdoms names.   Tomorrow we do Architecture, society, and beliefs. Eg (More)
Hieroglyphics we watched an intro movie on Egypt.  Its mostly about who discovered the societies and how the treasures have been dealt with.  But a good intro to the long history of Egypt.   In class we looke (More)
Stone Age conclusions
We discussed the rest of the week today.  You have a Cradles map due Friday (10 marks for accuracy, 5 for effort, but only entered in out of 7).  Here is a good KEY / Guide. More)
stone henge
Why was it built?  I don't know, so you tell me.  Your job today is make a theory to explain why Stonehenge was built and explain it to me.  Use what we've discussed about Stone age Culture and how man developed culture, religious, farming, villages, (More)
We classify the OLD and  NEW stone age by drawing a line between hunter gatherers that lived a nomadic life style (old) and village dwellers harvesting food and taming animals with developing power structures and begging of religions. https://www. (More)
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