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Greek Week!
When we started foods class I was so looking forward to greek week at school! Making greek at home was still a great experience for my cooking abilities, but I know at school it would've been so much better! This was definitely the most challenging (More)
Korean rice bowl
This dish was pretty simple and tasted so flavourful! I was searching up recipes to make for dinner because my mom wanted me to make dinner to help her out and this one sounded appetizing. It only took 20 minutes to make, I got the ground be (More)
Chicken Parmesan
For dinner this week I decided to make chicken parmesan and roasted broccoli because it sounded delicious and I made chicken parmesan before and it turned out really well so I wanted to attempt making it a second time. For the broccoli, I drizzl (More)
Tikka masala
This meal was delicious! I was wanting to make butter chicken but I couldn't find two essential spices so I had to choose something different but similar. It needed one of the same spices as the butter chicken but I just searched up alternat (More)
Lemon and Herb Chicken with Fettuccine Alfredo
This time I wanted to try something different to the chicken so I decided to eyeball the chicken. I tenderized the chicken and squeezed lemon juice from a fresh lemon and added garlic powder, onion powder, rosemary, and salt for seasoning. I the (More)
Cottage Pie
This is the first time I made cottage pie, I've always thought it was called shepherds pie but when I was searching up recipes I realized that shepherds pie uses lamb but cottages pie uses growing beef and that's what I used. It turned out reall (More)
Creamy Beef Pasta
I decided to make pasta for my family. My mom wanted me to cook with the ground beef hat was in the fridge and it was going to go bad soon so I found a recipe and cooked it. I'm used to making Kraft dinner from the box for a fast lunch so this w (More)
Classy Chicken
This is a dish that I had to take a picture off line of because I completely forgot to take a photo of the dish I created. It turned out amazingly! I used a recipe my mom owned and I added rice crisp's and butter on the top to give the dish a bi (More)
This is the risotto I made this week for foods, I watched the videos and decided to make mine with lots of veggies and meat so it would have lots of protein and vitamins. For the vegetables I chose; carrots and peas because I thought they would (More)
Chicken Supreme
For home cooking lab number six, I decided to make a meal that brought my family comfort food, a meal which consisted of chicken supreme, roasted sweet potatoes And roasted carrots.For dessert for this meal, I made my own cookies and cream ice cream (More)
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