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About Me
My bio: Hello! My name is Jordyn and I am in grade 9, so I am 14 years of age right now. My favorite things to do are scrolling through social media, listening to various types of music, and taking time out of my day to see and do some (More)
My utopian City: FRN
This city is a very chill and relaxing place we have our own little park with a lake that you can swim in. In our city you can also work to improve yourself with a gym so you can go get those gains and there is also a basketball court so you can han (More)
ADL Digital Footprint
I know that my digital footprint can have both positive and negative consequences like a negative consequence is that if I share to much of my personal life online people could know where I live. A positive consequence is that I can make s (More)
My Storyboard
My Reflection - Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, used the Esmeralda bullying Edward in the backyard scene in order to capture the judgement people (More)
My Digital Footprint
The word 'digital footprint' is, simply, your online activity/identity. This includes everything from social media accounts all the way to filling out online forms. What I found when I 'Googled' myself was somewhat surprising, yet I wasn't overly (More)
Technology & Wellbeing Reflection
Technology, we love it and hate it. One one hand its amazing because were able to talk to people far away and spread more information. On the other hand people can use it to harass other people. For me technology is a way to cope with stress because (More)
My Digital Footprint
In my opinion I have a pretty good digital footprint. I searched up my name and the only things that came up were a couple of my social media accounts What is a digital footprint A digital footprint is someone’s traceable digital activities, (More)
Choose Your Own Adventure: Futbol
Futbol (4)Download Communication Refl (More)
Destin's American Revolution FlipBook
My Model Factory Town
Mladen Vidovic  Creating a model factory/company town: (Information Fluency)   Creating a model factory/company town:   (Information Fluency)   Name of the town: Benus Venus  (More)
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