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Most Challenging Foods lab
My most challenging foods lab was probably the pizza in a cast iron. This lab was especially difficult for me and my partner we we're behind and their for rushed. we struggled to kneed the dough and get it to the right size in fact we ripped it in t (More)
Favourite Foods Lab
My favourite foods lab was the carrot muffins. The carrot muffins might not have been the hardest thing to make but it's something a family favourite of sort and it was cool to be able to make the muffins and share the experience with them. I made t (More)
Most Successful Lab: Carrot Cake Muffin
For my most successful lab, it was the carrot cake. It was a moist orange muffin that I could smell all around the room. It smelt like carrots and was all similar shape and size. The muffin was soft and hot which made it taste a lot better. I chose (More)
My Favorite Food Lab
My favorite food lab was probably the Omelet because it was one of the most tastiest food that I've ever made. I especially liked how the cheese melted in my mouth. The omelet that I made tasted a little salty and cheesy. It had a combination (More)
The Most Successful Recipe
The most successful food I ever made in cooking class was probably the Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies because I made the food very easily compared to the other recipes and the final product of the food was very good. One of the successf (More)
Most Challenging: Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup
The most challenging lab that we have made so far, was the broccoli cauliflower cheese soup. It was a hot, thick, chunky soup and looked greenish but smelt a bit like cauliflower. I could hear the sound of the broccoli and cauliflower getting squish (More)
The Most Challenging Recipe
I think the most challenging food I ever had to make in school was probably the Crust Skillet Pizza. The reason why I picked this as my most challenging recipe is because I remember I had lots of problems with following the recipe correctly (More)
Cooking Challenge
The most challenging lab was the "plan of attack Mac n cheese" because my partner and I only had 15 minutes to create a recipe and come up with good ingredients to put into the Mac n cheese. Our Mac n cheese we ended up making was pretty good and so (More)
Successful Cooking
My most successful lab was Mac n cheese because I think I prepared and completed the best out of all the labs. the Mac n cheese we made was a creamy cheese sauce and spices put in to perfection with macaroni noodles cooked al dente. I chose this lab (More)
Most Successful Lab
We made a carrot muffin yesterday and it was successful. Our carrot muffin tasted sweet, soft, smelled like coconut, pineapple, carrot, buttery, and golden brown. I chose this as the most successful lab because the recipe was actually easy to follow (More)
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