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Cooking at home - Soup
I made potato soup. One of my favorite YouTube channel ‘kkulki’ inspired me to make it. The potato soup felt very soft like velvet. And It tasted creamy and a little bit salty because of some cheddar cheese.  I tried two versions, hot/cold potato (More)
Cooking At Home
I made shrimp fried rice. I used rice, eggs, and shrimp leftover from the meal we ate for dinner. I panfried the shrimp and made scrambled eggs which gave the soft texture. It smelled like ketchup before I taste. I used a recipe that my (More)
Tell us what you made! borscht soup Use the 5 senses to write a description, It smelled really fragrant and tomato like. It looked red with white floating pieces of cabbage. It tasted like canned tomato with a really nice fried onion (More)
Final Cooking Blog
Main dish: Fettuccini Pasta with Sautéed Prawns Side dish: Green Salad Appetizer: Sticky Sesame Cauliflower Bites I planned for my meal to be some of the favourites in our household. I chose to make 3 meals; for an appetizer I made Sticky (More)
Buddha bowl
1) Your successes: Being able to add a healthy mix of vegetables 2) Challenges you faced & how you overcame them: It was really easy so I really didnt face any. 3) Describe your buddha bowl using the 5 senses, look, very bad and wasnt v (More)
What Makes Us Who We Are
For this cooking assignment, I made pork BBQ with rice (main dish), okra salad ( side dish), and Leche Flan (dessert). The reason why I chose these to represent my cultural identity is because I am Filipino. Using all five senses to describe these d (More)
Greek Week
Tzatziki, roasted potatoes, Chicken Souvlaki, Greek salad, Pita bread, Kourabiedes (no particular order) These are some pictures of the recipes I made. The pictures were not taken at my house since I made this elsewhere. My brother's friend is G (More)
Cooking At Home(option#7)
I made eggs Benedict for my family and I. While I making this dish I used touch when I was chopping up the potatoes to go into the pan. I used hearing when the potatoes were sizzling in the pan. I used taste to try the sauce and make sure the th (More)
o Tell us what you made! What leftover item(s) inspired this meal? left over chicken and rice which I made into teriyaki chicken fried rice o Use the 5 senses to write a description, smell, it smelled very much like teriyaki and chicken, feel, th (More)
o Tell us what you made! chorizo, parsley grilled cheese o Use the 5 senses to write a description. Taste, gooey,spicy and cheesy. Look, crispy and warm. Smell, cheesy. feel, crispy and crunchy heard, n/a o Did you use a recipe or did you make (More)
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