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Cooking at Home #7- Family Traditions
I made some spicy Korean rice cakes (tteokbokki). It looked really good and also tasted way better than expected. I remember making this meal a few months ago and it didn't turn out that good. So I didn't have any high expectations making this. This (More)
Cooking at Home #6- Soup
I made some tomato soup for this weeks soup lesson. It smelled like a mixture of tomatoes and chicken. I think it was because I put chicken broth in it. It also looked very appealing, I decided I wanted the chunky tomatoes and carrots in it because (More)
Use whatever you have in your fridge, put it into a hash. So i had potatoes, turnips, spinich, onions, eggs, cheese. Start by cutting up your potatoes & turnips into cubes, onions diced, spinich into rolls. Put a frying pan on low with some (More)
Cooking at home #7
Had a craving for chilli, so that's what we had for dinner the other night. Since we already had ground beef in the fridge, my mom asked me what I wanted, I said chilli, and she said ok you got this. Since it was already getting late, I decided to u (More)
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake For this food assignment, we had to watch any one video and make a chocolate lava cake. In the beginning, I melted some chocolate chips and butter in a bowl. I buttered my loaf pan and dusted it with some cocoa powder. Then I (More)
Cooking at home 7 old to new
I made fried rice with barbecue pork, egg, peas, carrots, corn, onions, and garlic. The leftover item is the barbecue pork. I got the recipe from my mom, who already knew how to make this fried rice. I wouldn't make any changes to this dish, (More)
Family Food Traditions
I made dumplings for my family. It has a soft moisture surface with warm vegetables. This was a traditional food for my family starting from my grandparents. For me and my family, these dumplings are special since my grandparents always made this f (More)
Cooking At Home #6 (option#2)
I made chicken noodle soup, with leftover chicken and chicken bones from a previous dinner. I used touch when preparing the chicken into small pieces. I used my eyesight when i was chopping the vegetable into uniform pieces. I used my he (More)
Cooking at Home #5 (option 1)
I made banana bread for this cooking at home. First i used touch while preparing all of the ingredients and doing the mis en place. Then i used eyesight while mixing the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. I heard the batter being (More)
Cooking at Home #6
Being part Portuguese means I know about salted cod or as the Portuguese call it "Bacalhau". There are many ways to cook salted cod. My mom's side of family eats it frequently and we do too at our house. At our Christmas Eve gatherings, "Bacalhau" i (More)
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