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Breakfast Home Lab
My breakfast home lab was successful it took me awhile to get the ingredients needed to complete this lab. once I did so I watched a few videos on how to make blueberry pancakes and then I was ready to cook. I think the most difficult part of this (More)
Cooking At School Most Successful Lab
This is my Most Successful Lab at school. I made Quinoa salad on my way. This salad contains tomatoes, carrots, apples, cucumbers, yellow peppers, etc. It looks colourful. It tastes tender, crunchy and very different because there are many veget (More)
Most Challenging Foods Lab
My most challenging food lab is homemade dough pizza. Many vegetables on the pizza, such as mushrooms, yellow peppers, tomatoes, look very colourful and delicious. It smells pretty good, cheese with the flavour of vegetables on the dough. This i (More)
Cooking At School Favorite Lab
My favourite lab at school is making vegetable hot pie. The vegetable pot pie is hot and tasty. When I look at the vegetable pot pie, nothing looks very attractive, and I smell it. It has a light scent of food. When I eat the pie with the fillin (More)
Breakfast Home Lab
This is my breakfast home lab. I made a breakfast sandwich. There are many different ingredients in this sandwich, which are pretty healthy and delicious. like cucumber, bacon, sausage, egg, tomato… It looks so good as above the picture. (More)
Breakfast omelet
This is my Omelet I was very succesful in this lab. Some challenges I had with this lab we're dicing my veggies to the right size having never made an omelet with this amount of veggies. I think the most useful thing I used was the pan because i (More)
Breakfast Hash
This was one of my most succesful labs because I made many different foods such as peppers, onions, eggs and potatoes. One of the appliances I was most useful was the oven. More specifically when I was making something in a a pan or baking I hav (More)
The looks delicious breakfast hash in the photo above was made by my partner and me. We cooked it on Monday, October 5th. The whole production process was very successful because we communicated very well with each other. During cooking, co (More)
Safety and Sanitation
This is a pretty good lab. It went very well. We were making scones particular successfully because my partner and I cooperated perfectly. Safety concerns are that we use appliances when we were cooking, such as the knife, oven. Sanitation c (More)

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