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Alex's Foods 11
Chocolate cookies Going back to foods after almost two years of break is odd. Being back in the same classroom and having to cook in school for marks. However I do feel more relax compare to grade 10. It's like returning your old house that you n (More)
Mac and Cheese
For this lab I messed a bit, I had to put my cauliflower and broccoli into the boiling water first but instead, we put the macaroni first so I had to boil another water and put those in. Other than that I was ok. I diced the onions for the chees (More)
Buddha Bowl
For this lab we were to chose the ingredients of our own and make the buddha bowl. For mine, I sliced the cucumber and avocado and sauted carrots and broccoli first and added sweet potato because the sweet potato was little bit cooked already. A (More)
Rustic Bread
For this lab on the day, first thing we did was waking up the yeasts with bath temperature water. In a large bowl I mixed sifted flour, salt and yeast and made a dough in a bowl. We covered the bowl with a dish towel before we leave. The next da (More)
Eggs Your way
For this lab I made poached eggs so I can practice for next when I'm making my sandwich. I simmered the water with some vinegar. While the pot is simmering I cooked the bacon so I can serve it with the egg. I cooked bacon for 7minutes and turned (More)
Fruit Skillet Cake
This lab was a test and I made same mistake as last time, I used medium cast iron frying instead of small cast iron frying pan. I started the lab off by whisking the dry ingredients flour, cinnamon, baking power/soda and salt in a large bowl. In (More)
Veggie Frittata
This lab didn't go well because we used medium cast iron frying pan instead of small so the frittata looks thin. We started the lab by slicing the potato and microwave it for a minute. Then we prepped our veggies and sauted. We added onions firs (More)
During this lab we were to use the waffle iron grill to make waffles. The waffle was easy to make we just had to mix all the dry ingredients like flours, sugar, baking powder and little bit of salt. And also wet ingredients like egg and milk and (More)
Smoothie bowl & Granola
For this lab we have to make 2 things, which was smoothie and granola. We started off by making the granola first. We mixed the seeds and other dried fruits with syrup and put in on a cookie sheet to put them into an oven. While granola is in th (More)
Shakshuka With Feta
During this we were improving our knife skills by cutting the veggies. We have to watch out for the stove and knife. We chopped, sliced the veggies and sauted onion, peppers and garlic. We added tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper and (More)
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