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Breakfast Sandwich
During this lab we were to design our own sandwich making poached eggs, and for mine I used spinach, tomato and bacon with hollandaise sauce. We started the lab by cooking the bacons and while bacon is cooking we made scones and put it in th (More)
The lab went pretty well. The only thing I had to be careful were the oven. The method for scones is biscuit method or quick bread. My scones went very well, it was golden brown and it had flaky layers. I measured the ingredients and mixed well (More)
Banana Muffins
The lab went very well. The method for banana muffins was flour mixture and muffin method and the product standard came out really well. It was golden brown and similar size and shape. I wandered around a bit but got focused by reading the reci (More)
banana muffins
stars-**** I give this recipe a 4 out of 5 I really liked these muffins we used the muffin method. it was fun baking these muffins my group worked quickly an in a orderly fashion to make sure we where on our time frame. I think the reason wh (More)
These were ok crepes, I've never had a crepe before so making one was exciting However, mine weren't the greatest. I forgot to oil my pan so I had to throw out the first crepe, the rest were oddly shaped due to moving them in the pan and they di (More)
Banana Muffins
The muffins were great, they were a little bit too dry for me and I would have added nuts in it. The job itself was good, nothing burned and it was a good lab. My partner and I worked well together on making the muffins. It tasted tart and sweet. I (More)
This is easily my favorite dish. Its easy to make, has meat, veggies and cheese! It fills you up and taste really good. Mine was a little bit acid like due to the tomatoes but it was still really well made. And the thing is that you can add a co (More)
Most Memorable Food Experience
Our first cooking class was baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (Photo from 2020) My memorable food experience was the first time I made cookies in food class in grade 10. It happened right here in Cent, of course this being our first lab, it w (More)
Most memorable food experience
My most memorable food experience is when I was in middle school. When my dad asked if I would want to help him cook lobster. I wasn't really thinking when I said yes, because when he came home with a live lobster I didn't know what to think. When h (More)
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