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Cooking at Home - Brownies
For the Cooking at Home assignment, I decided to make brownies using ingredients we already had. It was a very simple recipe, using only homemade brownie mix, two sticks of softened butter, three eggs and one and a half cups of chocolate chips. Afte (More)
Cooking at Home - Family Traditions
The tradition we have in our family is to make a Korean seaweed and ground meat soup. We have this soup as a celebratory dish for someone's birthday or graduation. In Korea, this is the usual meal for when a pregnant woman has just given birth, beca (More)
Final activity - What Makes Us Who We Are.
Broiled Pork Belly and Rice I really enjoy Broiled pork the tangy flavours of all the sauces and how the pork belly melts in your mouth. It was hard for me to (More)
Family Food Traditions - Cooking At Home #7
For this assignment i decided to make pavlova. It's a native food from New Zealand and it's a dish our family always made for special events/occasions. My mother's side of the family has always made pavlova because it's in our heritage. I had so (More)
Cooking at home #7 (Family Tradition)
For this assignment I made another cake but for my dad's birthday this time. The cake tasted really good and I'm proud of how I decorated it. The tradition I chose is that I bake a cake/ dessert for my dad's birthday every year. the tradition st (More)
Cooking at home #5
For this cooking at home assignment I made homemade piglet in a bun. I used veggie hotdogs, greek yogurt, flour and baking soda. I used a recipe that one of my aunts gave me. If I were to make this dish again I would cook the hotdogs for a littl (More)
Cooking at home soup
For this assignment I chose to make one of Ms. Bolli's cream soup recipes. I made the broccoli cauliflower cheese soup. The soup smelled, looked and tasted amazing. It was really good but if I were to have to change something I would have added (More)
Cooking at Home #1
This is Igado, it's popular for its liver in the Philipines but i didn't put any liver whatsoever because i don't like it. So it's just pork, green pepper, carrots, green peas etc. Usually I would put dry bay leaves but we ran out but this was delic (More)
Cooking Option #1 (Soups)
I decided to make a spicy Thai chicken coconut soup for the soups assignment. I used a recipe that i found online for this assignment. I think this dish is mainly fine the way it is but i might add a bit more lime next time. The dish was fai (More)
in the kitchen (April 27 - May 3 )
I'm going to be honest, my grandma is the cooker in the house but i did help on quite a few things. I washed dishes and helped to cut some of the ingredients!! like the pork and the potatoes!! and for the cassava cake! i just helped co (More)
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