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Most successful foods lab
We made a Mac and cheese tocos. You could smell the cheese and ground beef. It looked like a toco and looked appealing. As you took a bite you could here the toco shell crunch. It tasted Mexican, it was really tasty. The shell was hard and the (More)
Most Successful Foods Lab
On my 4th foods lab I made a sunny side egg. There was a perfect balance in the runny yolk and the white of the egg, which made my mouth water. The white was cooked, the yolk remained whole, and the yolk was the desired consistency. The eggs were so (More)
Most challenging Foods Lab
On my 18th foods lab I made vegetable pot pie. This cozy warm pie let off a creamy and veggie like aroma. The bread and the soup made the perfect combination of creamy ness and tenderness. Lastly, under the tender bread was a creamy soup filled with (More)
Favorite Lab
On my 15th food lab, I made a cast iron skillet pizza from scratch. My pizza was red and yellow, with flour on the crust. It smelled like tomato sauce and various vegetables and I tasted the sweetness of the onions and a hint of grease and spice. La (More)
Most challenging Foods Lab
This is a quinoa salad. The reason this was the most challenging was because everything had to be diced which includes the knife skills. I had to make sure which ever vegetables I was cutting they were the same size so the presentation would be (More)
Most Successful Foods Lab
This is a carrot muffin. It was the most successful because they came out tasting and looking good. The hardest part of this lab was grating the carrots because they were really small and hard to grate. I couldn't smell anything at the beginning (More)
My Most Challenging Lab
I made Meat Balls but with no meat, instead it's a Chick Pea Meat Ball. This was my most challenging because I had to make Chick Pea Balls instead of actual Meat Balls. The chick peas mixed with the egg made it hard to work with and roll into a (More)
Favourite Foods Lab
This was my favourite foods lab. It was a grilled cheese sandwich. The reason why it is my favourite is because it tasted good and was easy to make. Basically all I did was butter the bread add cheese and whatever else I wanted so I chose tomato (More)
My Most Successful Lab
My most successful lab was when we made chocolate cookies and made them look like spiders. these cookies were made with cocoa powder and it was delicious because they had a crunch at first bit but then got softer near the middle but we made one of t (More)
My Most Challenging Food Lab
My most challenging food lab was my veggie pot pie because it was challenging to make the dough and make it the perfect shape for the jar lid and making the sauce was also hard because it was hard to tell when it was done or when it needed more time (More)
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