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My Most Successful Foods Lab
For the choice of my most successful foods lab I would probably say it was my pizza lab. For this lab I made homemade pizza in a cast iron with peppers and more. I liked this recipe because of many different reasons such as flavor, texture, consiste (More)
My Most Challenging Foods Lab
Out of the many foods labs I have done there have been a few challenging ones. All of them not horribly bad but, some had a few hiccups along the way. In my opinion the vanilla cupcakes were the most challenging for me. Not necessarily because the p (More)
My Favorite Foods Lab: Mac & Cheese Tacos
Many recipes have been made in the past few weeks but if I had choose a favorite out of the many we have made, the recipe I would choose is not even a specific recipe that was given to me but one that was made in a way. This would be my Mac & Ch (More)
Most Challenging Foods Lab
My most challenging foods lab was probably the cupcake lab. My partner and I accidentally added the wrong ingredients together and had to restart and grab half of our ingredients again so we could do it properly. The lab went smoothly after that but (More)
Favorite Foods Lab
My favorite foods lab was when my group and I made our own mac and cheese. We made a baked mac and cheese with spinach mixed in with the mac and cheese, we topped it with bacon and green onions and made a Caesar salad for the side. The dish had a wa (More)
My Breakfast Home Lab
For my Breakfast Home Lab, I made bacon pancakes with a side of peaches and a fruity mango, raspberry, and peach smoothie. This delicious breakfast dish I called Pancakes With a Twist. I chose to make pancakes over the other four because there such (More)
Breakfast Home Lab
For my breakfast home lab I decided to make pancakes with a home made strawberry jam as the topping, with a glass of milk on the side. The pancakes were golden brown and they had a sweet strawberry taste to them that clashed nicely with the fluffy d (More)
Kitchen Tools/Appliances
The lab of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies went quite well. A success was that we made cookies that tasted delicious, we worked well as a group and a team, and the dishwashing was easy. The cookies tasted delicious because we followed the recipe almo (More)
My Favorite Food Memory
One of my most memorable food experience was my grandfathers birthday a year ago. It happened in a restaurant where you have to cook the food yourself. We ordered a lot of raw meat and cooked it our self. It was most memorable because of how good th (More)
My Most Memorable Food Experience.
My most memorable food experience was when I first made chicken and rice for myself. My sister was visiting us and she decided to make herself chicken. I wanted to make something to eat as well so I made chicken and rice. I wasn't following a recipe (More)
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