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Mac and Cheese
On Oct. 21st I did a makeup lab for Mac and cheese. This Mac and cheese tasted so rich and creamy with the old cheddar cheese. I started by washing my hands and then getting out all of my equipment + ingredients. I brought a large pot of water t (More)
Waffles and Bacon
On Oct.13 I did a makeup foods lab for waffles and bacon because I was absent when we had made them. I started off by washing my hands and then got out all of my ingredients and equipment that I would need. I lightly greased my waffle iron w (More)
Buddha Bowls
On Oct. 16th we designed and made our own buddha bowls! The day before we created our buddha bowls we got a list of a variety of different ingredients we could put in our buddha bowls. I decided to put rice, quinoa, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, (More)
Fruit Skillet Cake
On Oct. 13th we made fruit skillet cakes with pears as our fruit! This recipe was actually a lab test that we did today and it went a lot better then I was expecting. I hadn't done a lab test since grade 9 so I was a bit nervous, but this fruit (More)
Eggs my way
On Sept 24th we got to choose how we made our eggs, I was absent for this lab so I did it at home! Whenever I make eggs for breakfast I always eat them scrambled so that's exactly what I did today. This was my first at home make-up foods lab of (More)
Rustic Bread
On Oct. 1st we made rustic bread to go with our shakshuka, this bread was so easy to make because all we had to do was follow the quick bread method, so we didn't run into any challenges! There also is barely any ingredients in the recipe which (More)
Shakshuka with Feta
On Oct. 2nd we made shakshuka with feta cheese, our goal was for the shakshuka to be rich and flavourful and very colourful. So we got all our ingredients from the supply table and started by prepping all our veggies. We then heated up a cast ir (More)
On Oct. 8th we made frittata which was my favourite foods lab so far! We of course started by doing our safety and sanitation and then I picked up all the ingredients my partner and I needed for today. I washed and sliced the potatoes as wel (More)
Smoothie Bowls
On Oct. 5th we made and designed our own smoothie bowls. This was also very exciting for my partner and I because we got to choose what we wanted to put in our smoothie as well as what we wanted our toppings to be! A few days before making our s (More)
Breakfast Sandwiches
On Sept. 29th we designed and made our own breakfast sandwiches. This was very exciting because we got to choose what we put inside the breakfast sandwich as well as what we put in the scones! The day before we made them I planned out what I (More)
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