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Kitchen Tools/Appliances
Omelet It was my first Omelet that I made. I sliced up the cherry tomatoes and spinach using the knife. I was so nervous, but I did it successfully. The picture does not see taste good and it looks ugly, but I think it was not bad for a beginner. (More)
It is banana muffins. I made it with my partner. I had seriously never made muffins. So my partner helped me make muffins well. My group members helped us with how to make it. I was so thankful because there were many skills required to mak (More)
My most memorable food experience
Malcha Bingsu One of the most memorable food experiences is when I was going to the mall in Canada, a few days ago, I ate the Malcha Bingsu. Bingsu means ice flakes with syrup. I took this picture before I ate. It was so delicious, there were gr (More)
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