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What makes us who we are?
I planned for my meal to be pulled pork buns with coleslaw on the side and gluten free brownies for desert. The connections my dish has to my personal identity go back to when I was younger, my mom would make it once in a while and I didn’t really l (More)
Final Home Lab
For my "Final Home Lab", I made barbecue pork for the main dish, fried shrimp with asparagus for the side dish, sugar mixed tomatoes for the appetizer. I planned for my meal to have obvious color. This will increase appetite. I wanted these dish all (More)
Today for my "what makes us who we are" I made pizza, chicken wings and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I  planned for my meal to be just like when my mom makes it, a chewy pizza crust not too crispy and very flavourful. For my chicken wing (More)
Final Foods Home Lab
I planned for my meal to be colorful, full of flavor and inviting. The spaghetti sauce I made should be thick, with a bit of kick and veggies in every bite. The noodles should stick to the wall (al dante). The romaine lettuce should be c (More)
Cooking at home #7
For cooking at home 7, I chose to make poke bowls. This is something I often make with my mom and dad at both houses. I really like sushi and poke bowls are just easier to make but similar. I like sushi rice better than normal rice because of it (More)
Cooking at home #7
For this weeks cooking at home assignment i decided to show you something i do everyday in the kitchen, which it make breakfast. I usually have pretty simple breakfasts so making breakfast was pretty easy, the only challenge I had was remembering to (More)
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Cooking at Home: What makes us who we are #9
For my last cooking at home assignment, I decided to make steak as my main dish, sweet potato fries for my side, and banana bread for dessert.  My goals for my steak was to look brown on the outside and pink in t (More)
Cooking at home 7
Today I decided to make lasagna. I first fried up the hamburger in a pan while I boiled the noodles. I then added a tomato sauce to the cooked hamburger. After the noodles were drained I placed it in a baking dish and started to layer. I put noodles (More)
Cooking at Home: Using what you already have #8
This week I made chocolate chip cookies with my sister. We used a recipe that our family always uses to make cookies. I love this recipe and I wouldn't change anything about it because it is so delicious and everyone in our family enjoys it. (More)
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