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breakfast sandwich lab.
There were many safety precautions when making this dish, oven safety, stove safety and knife safety depending on what you included in your breakfast sandwich. This was a flour method and the scones were a quickbread we also included knife skill (More)
Foods 11- banana muffins.
I would give this recipe 4 stars. If i remade this recipe i’d add chocolate chips and some kind of nut or dried fruit. This recipe was oven safety. It is a quick bread and muffin method. This recipe is very healthy it is made with whole wheat f (More)
Foods 11- Chocolate chip cookie lab.
This lab was very easy to make and took no time at all. i wouldn’t make this recipe again because i have a way better chocolate chip cookie recipe but it was still delicious and the cookies were gooey inside and had a crunchy outside. I would ra (More)
chicken salad sandwich
Reflection Our whole class was assigned to create our own chicken salad sandwich. For my roasted vegetable i chose potatoes. I chose potatoes because they go really well with chicken and the soft texture would go really well. i also has cele (More)
Dinner Home Lab
My Reflection For my dinner home lab, I made a salad for my appetizer, a lasagna for my main dish and apple crumble for the dessert. I would say that this lab challenged me quite a bit because I had to plan out when I was going to buy all the (More)
Year End Reflection
This course has been super fun because I got to make a whole bunch of different food and meet a many new people. Foods 11 has helped me learn and improve on skills that I can use to become better cook now and in the future. I loved the variety of br (More)
My Reflection This was my first time making sushi and I thought that I did a pretty good job. In my sushi I put carrots, cucumbers and "crab". When spreading the rice on the nori sheets, it kept sticking together and sticking on my hands whic (More)
Pecan Snowball Cookies
My Reflection For this Lab, we had to make Greek style cookies so we made these. The recipe didn't have a lot of ingredients and steps so it made it easy to make and follow. I have never made this type of cookies before but I really enjoyed i (More)
Year end reflection
This class was super fun and worth taking. It showed me new recipes, ideas, Tactics, and tricks for cooking. I cant eat dairy or gluten so being able to brainstorm and find recipes or alter recipes so that i can eat them was awesome. I think I've i (More)
Reflection These cookies tasted kind of like sugar cookies but extra sweet. They were the first recipe of our greek week we had ahead of us. They didn't turn out to be as appealing looking as planned but they weren't horrible. The powdered su (More)
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