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Greek week
This week we changed our focus to learn how to make greek food like the restaurants. We made a full course meal of oven roasted potatoes, chicken souvlaki, homemade pita bread, greek salad and tadziki. To finish this beautiful meal off we baked some (More)
Risotto+ Risotto balls
Hi all, today we made homemade creamy risotto and turned the leftovers into crunchy risotto balls. Making the risotto was super easy, the only thing we had to do was stir it and add broth every once and a while. the risotto balls are stuffed (More)
pasta carbonara
hi there, back with another homemade pasta dish!! Today we made a creamy pasta carbonara. this dish was incredibly easy to make. definitely not the healthiest pasta dish but it was incredibly delicious. the addition of crunchy bacon added not on (More)
pasta pesto
Hi there, today in my senior foods class we made pesto pasta!! This was a quick and easy meal, we made both the pasta and the pesto from scratch. We used fresh and delicious ingredients. Making the pesto was my favorite part. The pesto left the (More)
today we made burritos. the safety in this recipe was stove and knife safety. we used the leftover rice from yesterday and made burritos with it. our strengths in this recipe was timing. we perfectly timed cooking the beef and reheating the rice (More)
spanish rice
today we made spanish rice. the safety in this recipe is stove safety and knife safety. my successes in this recipe was building flavours. me and my partner made the rice have a beautiful flavour that hit every taste bud. the challenges in this (More)
chocolate crinkle cookies
today we made chocolate crinkle cookies. the safety for this recipe was oven and electric mixer safety. this is a drop cookie, flour mixture and quickbread method. the nutrition in this recipe is 4/10 because it is an overall unhealthy food but (More)
this recipe was a pizza bakery method. We had to use oven safety mixer safety and knife safety. my successes in making this pizza was the dough. It was light and crispy and fluffy. the only challenge i had was the timing, i found it challenging (More)
breakfast sandwich
This recipe had oven safety when cooking the scones and stove safety for the spinach, egg and bacon. this was a quick bread poached egg and fried bacon method. this recipe was very nutritious and had all of the food groups. the only challenge/ s (More)
lava cakes
this lab had oven and microwave safety. this lab is a 6/10 for nutrition because it’s overall unhealthy but for the recipe it is way healthier. the only challenge in this lab was melting the chocolate and not burning it or over melting it. this (More)
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