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Roast beef
Reflection- My last senior foods meal I made is a roast beef. I chopped carrots and onions and cooked the meat for three hours. I put lots of balsamic vinegar to give it lots of flavor. I also added cumin to give more to the roast and so (More)
Veggies & Beef
Reflection- This senior foods lab has peppers, beans, broccoli, mushrooms, beef, and onions. Again I feel like I could've made presentation a lot better, and added in a side to go with this dish. I would make this again, it tasted than it (More)
Parmesan Pasta with Beef
Reflection- This is a senior foods home lab, I made a dish with pasta, onions, garlic, beef, peppers, and parmesan. I didn't do my best job making it look appealing but it tasted good and the process of making it was good. I didn't strugg (More)
Vegan Chili
Reflection- This was my first time making vegan chili. Instead of meat I used tofu, it also had beans, onion, garlic, and parsley. It tasted really good and I would love to have it again. I have never cooked with tofu before so that was a (More)
Tuna Zucchini Casserole
Reflection- This senior foods home lab I made a tuna casserole, it's filled with vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, and onions. Melted on top is cheese and has lots of spices like cumin and paprika. This was a really f (More)
Shrimp Pasta
Reflection- This is a grade 12 home lab, I made shrimp pasta it has tomato, and cheddar cheese. The shrimp gave the food lots of flavor, and the tomatoes were sautéed. It tasted delicious and I would eat this again. I used my knife skill (More)
Fish Soup
Reflection- This was a senior foods home lab, I made vegetable fish soup. It was a very flavorful with onions, carrots, fish, and mushrooms. I practiced my knife skills with the vegetables by chopping them. I seasoned and tasted my food u (More)
Vegetable Soup
Reflection- This is a Foods 12 lab. I made a vegetable broth soup which has onions, beans, carrots, potatoes, and kale. The soup was really chunky next time I would cut the vegetables smaller, or put the soup in a blender and pulse it a f (More)
Rolled Vegetarian Lasanga
My Reflection- Foods 12 home lab- This weeks home lab I decided to make something I've never had which is rolled lasagna. It tasted great and was a challenge for me to roll the pasta without it unrolling. Next time I would simmer the toma (More)
French Toast
My Reflection- One of my foods 12 home labs I decided to make French toast. It was super easy and delicious as well! It's a super simply and fast breakfast to make. I made no problems making it and it would go well with Nutella and syrup. (More)

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