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cooking at home family traditions
I made peanut butter bon bons, they are rice krispies peanut butter and chocolate. They taste like chocolate, they look like chocolate meatballs, they smell like semi sweet chocolate. My Mom, Gramma and I always make these along with lots of oth (More)
cooking at home june 1-12
I decided to make ham and cheddar soup with peas, potatoes, chives and more. Along with homemade biscuits. (More)
Cooking at home week two (27-3)
I made rice and quinoa pilaf with carrots, celery and onion, as well as balsamic vinegar parmesan green beans and chicken with soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic. The chicken looked golden with chard lined from the bbq, the rice looked like rice (More)
cooking at home week one
For my second cooking at home dish I made fish tacos, using cod, homemade coleslaw and mayo chipotle sauce. it smelled like fried fish, it looked crispy and golden, it sounded crunchy, it tasted like fried fish and creamy avocado, It felt like (More)
cooking at home 20-26
I made leftover rice then mixed it with leftover sausage and veggies. The food tasted like soy sauce, it smelled like grilled sausage, it didn't really sound like anything, it looked like the picture, I didn't feel it with my hands I used a fork (More)
Safety and sanitation
The first lab that we did was cookies and that lab was interesting because, it was our first time cooking together. some challenges we had were, we were all kinda frantic and confused trying to find everything in the drawers, and I hadn't eaten yet (More)
During the egg lab there was not really as much communication as normal because it was a solo lab and we didn't need to be working with people as much. The lab went well for me because i enjoy making eggs and I love sunny side up eggs especially. I (More)
Breakfast at home assignment
My most memorable food experience
My most memorable food experience was in the summer. We where in Tofino, and we got up at 5:30 and went on a fishing charter just me and my family we caught 3 salmon and 1 rockcod. When we got back to the campsite we grabbed a bunch of supplies and (More)
Breakfast Buffet
oct 17, 2019oct 17, 2019 Reflection We had breakfast buffet in our class. All of the groups made two different things and then in the end of class all of the students brought their breakfasts and put them on the table . Some teachers joined us (More)
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