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How to Keep Centennial Safe: Health & Safety Guidelines
Keeping yourself and our community healthy and safe is crucial, especially during this pandemic. For more info, here is an infographic created from Canva. For more information regarding this program, search in our tech blog, Canva for a tutorial. (More)
My Model Town
Creating a model factory town Name of the town: Riverside Company Name: Sunny Coasts Resources available: Food, Water, Text (More)
Final Cooking Blog
Main dish: Fettuccini Pasta with Sautéed Prawns Side dish: Green Salad Appetizer: Sticky Sesame Cauliflower Bites I planned for my meal to be some of the favourites in our household. I chose to make 3 meals; for an appetizer I made Sticky (More)
Cooking at home #7
Had a craving for chilli, so that's what we had for dinner the other night. Since we already had ground beef in the fridge, my mom asked me what I wanted, I said chilli, and she said ok you got this. Since it was already getting late, I decided to u (More)
Cooking at Home #6
Being part Portuguese means I know about salted cod or as the Portuguese call it "Bacalhau". There are many ways to cook salted cod. My mom's side of family eats it frequently and we do too at our house. At our Christmas Eve gatherings, "Bacalhau" i (More)
Buddha Bowl
The other day I decided to make a buddha bowl for my family and I. My aunt loves these types of dinners so I decided to include her and my Papa and we all had dinner together. I didn't use a recipe to build the buddha bowl but did use a recipe for t (More)
Cooking at Home #5
I was very busy with school and I just wanted something small and quick. So I decided to make a quick and easy lunch snack without a recipe. I made a grill cheese with some peppers and snap peas on the side. For the grill cheese I started with 2 pie (More)
Cooking At Home #4
I did cooking option #1. Avocado Toast with Egg & Hash-browns. This was my own creation. I felt like making a healthy breakfast. We had potatoes in our pantry so I cut the potatoes in bite size pieces and putting them in a frying pan with a smal (More)
cooking at home 3 option 1
Today i made an apple oatmeal. i saw oatmeal in my pantry and apples so i decided to just do it. i thought this was the best thing i made so far, i tasted pretty good. if i would do something different i would add something on top to make it tas (More)
Cooking at home 2 option 1
Today I made a strawberry smoothie. I found a lot of frozen strawberries in my freezer so I decided I wanted to try them out. if I wanted to change this I would put some more cream in it. In the end it tasted pretty nice. i now know how to make (More)
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