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My Digital Footprint
How to stay safe on the internet (More)
My digital footprint
First off i googled myself typing my full name and to narrow it down i put my city Vancouver I wasn't surprised i had found nothing because my social medias do not include my name. If i were to see things pop up when searching my name such as socia (More)
Cooking At Home #4
I have decided to improve on making cream puffs. This is a choux pastry ball filled with whipped cream or custard. A while ago I have tried making these and the cream puffs collapsed when took them out of the oven. I went online and searched up (More)
Cooking At Home #3
The new tool that I have decided to try out was a garlic press, whenever a recipe calls for minced or chopped garlic I would always just use a knife. While I was using the tool no safety concerns came up for me. The way I used the garlic press w (More)
Cooking At Home #2
I have made chicken karaage with fried rice. This is basically the Japanese method for making fried chicken. I had some leftover rice which is the perfect type of rice for making this dish. I also had some opened frozen carrots, peas, ham and sh (More)
Cooking At Home #1
I decided to challenge myself with making a three layered chocolate cake. This took me two day as I wanted to make sure that the cake was cooled throughout and won't fall apart. I got the recipe from a website called Stay at Home Chef and it was (More)
Cooking At Home #6: Family Food Traditions
This week I made Leche Flan or Creme Caramel it is made with mainly eggs, milk and sugar. Leche Flan is a Filipino dessert that is found in most specials occasions and the table would not be complete without this item. I got the recipe from my (More)
Final Cooking At Home #8
For my final cooking at home I made Carbonara pasta, Garlic bread, Caesar salad and Mango float. I planned my meal to have pasta that was creamy, smoky and cheesy. I also planed it to have garlic bread that was crunchy and buttery. I wanted it (More)
Cooking at home: Turning leftovers into something new
For the cooking at home assingnment I decided to make homeade mac and cheese using leftover pasta in my frige. Privously the night before my mom had made some alferdo pasta for dinner, but she had cooked to much pasta which we then put the pasta in (More)
"What's the Word Around Town?" Project
The link above is my map of Richmond. This is the city of Richmond. I chose it because of its unique location, culture, and landform. Richmond is built off of broken down natural resources, like tree roots, soil, and other things. Because of (More)
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