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Dinner Home-Lab
My Reflection The main course of my dinner home-lab was lemon and roasted garlic asparagus and chicken with smashed potatoes and a caesar salad. For dessert made a lave cake for my family but unfortunately forgot to take pictures. The smashe (More)
Breakfast Home-Lab
My Reflection My crepes turned out so well. They were golden brown and they were nice and thin. The crepes were even and they were not too sweet. This was first time making crepes and I believe I did a wonderful job because this can be a comp (More)
Breakfast Home Lab
Reflection I really enjoyed making the French toast and smoothie bowl. I dont make French toast very often but this recipe was great. Everything came together well and it turned out perfectly. The smoothie bowl was awesome it balled to meal a (More)
Dinner Home Lab
My Reflection For my dinner home lab, I made a salad for my appetizer, a lasagna for my main dish and apple crumble for the dessert. I would say that this lab challenged me quite a bit because I had to plan out when I was going to buy all the (More)
Thin Crust Pizza
REFLECTION... For this lab we were tasked with making our very own thin crust pizza from scratch, which I had to make as a home lab. This was a fairly simple lab that really didn't have many ingredients in it. The two methods we had to use (More)
Dinner Home Lab
My final lab of foods 11 was a home lab. In this lab I made a three course meal that included Vegan spring rolls for an appetizer, Chicken teriyaki for a main and peanut butter cookies for dessert. I first started off by making my cookies an (More)
Appetizer/Dinner/Dessert Home Lab
Refection For my home lab i made coconut curry chicken, vegan/gluten free samosas, and gluten/dairy free cinnamon bun muffins. Everything went very well and turned out looking and tasting good. One thing that could've used improvement (More)
Winter Break Home Lab
Reflection- -Salmon with Mango Salsa and Rice The main dish I was suppose to use salmon but I didn't have it, instead I used a different kind of fish. I sautéed onions with the fish but found that it still needed more flavour. (More)
Breakfast Home Lab
Reflection I made Raspberry Cream Cheese French Toast Roll-ups, with egg, cheese, hashbrown and ham cups. I also made a creamy blueberry, banana smoothie to drink with it. It turned out extremely good. The hashbrown egg cups were cheesy (More)
3 Course Breakfast
This was my first home lab of the semester, to end off our breakfast unit I made a 3 course meal at home, which included a smoothie, maple chocolate oat bars and a cheese and egg hash. I first started off with the oat bars because they had t (More)
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