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chicken salad sandwich
Reflection Our whole class was assigned to create our own chicken salad sandwich. For my roasted vegetable i chose potatoes. I chose potatoes because they go really well with chicken and the soft texture would go really well. i also has cele (More)
Tomato Soup with Rustic Bread
My Reflection The tomato soup was perfect and my favourite soup! My group and I all seasoned it together and it tasted even better then I had ever made it. It was super creamy and blended all the way through with no chunks inside. This lab wa (More)
Buddha Bowl
My Reflection My Buddha Bowl turned out way better this year because is the previous years I added different types of veggies or fruits or grains that were advalible, but I didn't really like them. This year knowing all things I've tried toge (More)
Broth Mexican Style Based Soup
My Reflection My group and I made a Mexican style soup. We added chicken, black beans, corn, and some roasted tomatoes. We added some taco type of seasoning to our chicken broth and cilantro. We let it simmer down which let the Mexican flavou (More)
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Reflection Cream of broccoli soup is by far my favourite soup of the ones we had made in foods. It had great texture, followed by great taste. We also had rustic bread on the side for more texture. Overall this was a great dish and i would d (More)
Italian Pizza
Before AfterServed My Reflection My thin crust, Italian style pizza turned out so well. It was one of my best labs. I added spinach, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and of course tomato sauce. We rolled the dough out really thin, and stretched (More)
Mexican Style Filled Burrito
My Reflection This lab was a fun, quick and easy. We don't like to waste food in our foods class so Ms.Bolli wanted too use up all our extra ingredients. This was a good lab to teach us how to use food in the fridge before they go bad. In my (More)
Thin crust pizza
out the over ready to be cut This lab happened over the period of two days, as the dough was made a day before and that the rolling/baking portion was finished on the second day. personally, I struggled with rolling it out as I did not get t (More)
Although its simple and quick to make, the rice we used was complicated. Being patient with it in order to cook properly. The burrito had fillings such as beans peppers, onions and many filling items that makes you full very easily. Before (More)
Reflection This lab was a great experience, I got to try out new ways to cut and season even create food. I really enjoyed this lab and everything went very smoothly. I will be making this at home an d teaching my family how to do kit as it i (More)
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