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I chose Stephen Hawking for my Insta-Scientist because even though I don't really understand Quantum mechanics I still find black holes super interesting because of my love for space. I drew him as his part in the Simsons because the Simsons is icon (More)
Johnna's Insta-Scientist
The scientist I chose to do for my project, is Jane Goodall. I chose Jane because I did a research science project on her last year. I'm really fond of her work and all that she contributed to science. She really inspires me to keep going and re (More)
Reflection I chose this scientist because i wanted to learn about his disability more and the things he discoveredI learned that he proved his doctor wrong after he got his disability and he lived longer than the doctor thought he would. (More)
I chose Albert Einstein because he is my favourite scientist.I lean about his big theory about the special relativity and about who he was, and many more thing that he did . (More)
This newspaper discussed about why Confederation will be a good or a bad thing for Canada. (More)
cheek cells
In science class when learned about cheek cells, we first scraped are cheeks and put it on a slide the put a drop of blue dye on it then covered with another cover slip these are the results. The first one we looked through high power and second (More)
Cheek cell lab
MEDIUM POWER(picture is zoomed in) HIGH POWERI took a photo in the lab today and labelled the parts of the cell on Snapchat and posted comment:I think I did very well today! (More)
cheek cell
I watched the video tutorial and I follow these steps. I put a drop of methylene blue on a slide. I placed a cover slip on gently. I want to avoid air bubbles at all cost. I gently scrape the inside of my cheek with the flat side of a (More)
Cheek cells
Today in science class, we got to learn about human cheek cells. We did this by swabbing or cheek with a toothpick, and then putting it down on a microscope slide. The we added blue dye to dye the cells to get a better look at them. When I (More)
Cheek Cell Lab
My friend take the picture and I edited This is the medium power of microscope, the microscope power is 10x10=100 and it was hard to take picture. My friend take picture with smartphone and the editing was not really hard it took only 15 min (More)
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