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Nature Poetry Anthology Reflection I think the visual innovation that my project contains is the visual relevance to the (More)
North West rebellion Timeline
I think i did well on this project. I know the info was reliable cause my sources had the same information in them as each other. I tried my best to follow criteria without making it to much or to little to show for my learning. I put down w (More)
Mushroom pasta
5*****this pasta was so good and it was not overpowered by the taste of mushroom the sauce was very creamy and flavourful I did great on the consistency of the sauce and I would definitely make this pasta again (More)
Cookie cake
4**** This was not the best thing I have made but it was still good I wish it turned out more of a consistency that was cookie like and less soft like a cake batter but it still tasted really good even though it looked odd I would make this (More)
Mushroom garlic chicken
5***** This chicken was really well seasoned and the sauce tasted really good I could have made a side dish to make it better but the chicken would still be the best part I would make this again because it tasted so good (More)
Cheese steak breakfast hash
5***** This turned out amazing everything about this dish was perfect I don’t think there was stuff I could have improved on I did well on evenly sizing everything and I would make this dish exactly the same way (More)
Vietnamese salad rolls
4**** These tasted really good but they did not end up looking like they do at the restaurant I could not make them look the same I did my best on the wrapping and I did well on the portion sizing I would make these again and practice my roll (More)
Tuna pasta salad
5***** Even though the recipe was fairly easy is tasted really good and I think I did good on the cutting and evenly cutting the main thing I would improve on is the overall portion size it was too much I would make it again just less (More)
Shanghai style noodles
4**** These turned out really good the only thing I would change is less curry and more of the other sauces I think I did well on the blending and cutting I would make This again (More)
Greek week
5***** All the food was really good and it looked and tasted delicious I could have improved on making the Greek salad chunks a bit bigger but I think I did good on everything else and these were all good and I would make these again (More)
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