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A Faux Turkey Dinner
Reflection It was so delicious. I like making Mash Potato and it is so fun. I also like the chicken. The flavour is so good before you put into the oven then you can feel the smells. My partner and me are working very well at this food. We ha (More)
Mexican Rice
REFLECTION In this Lab, we were watched the demo of Chef Evan one day before cooking Mexican Rice and then we made it the day after that. For me, I like the flavour of the food because I love spicy food. I give 5 stars for this food!! (More)
Rustic Bread and Shakshuka with feta
Reflection Shakshuka is a traditional breakfast dish originate from North Africa, but it also makes excellent brunch or lunch food. Me and my partner works very well together for this food. We enjoyed it together. You can get the recipe in on (More)
Veggie Frittata
My reflection This lab is extremely fun because I made it at home. I can choice the veggie that I like. For me I like potatoes, mushroom, tomatoes and onion so I put everything together. It is all my favorite veggie and I also put a little ga (More)
Breakfast Sandwich
Reflection Hi friends!!! My reflection about breakfast sandwich are nice and awesome. This lab is amazing with me and it also healthy breakfast for everyone. You guys can add more veggie if you want to your sandwich. Moreover, I put a little (More)
Scones and Egg
REFLECTION My reflection about Scones and egg is awesome and fun. In fact, I did not know that we can cook egg with different way. It is easy to make it especially egg. It was really good so I give 4 stars for Scones and egg. (More)
Banana Muffins
Reflection Hi friend!! I am so excited to share with you guys a new baked that I pretty much SHOCKED my taste buds with. In fact, I don't really like baking and banana. It was so good and amazing. I always like to have a breakfast bread or mu (More)
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal
REFLECTION My reflection about cookies is so fun and nice. This is the first time that I take food class and I feel so exciting for making it. Cookies is very easy to make it. After I make it, I realize that baking something is important beca (More)
Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
Baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Reflection For the first lab of the year my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies went really well. I believe my biggest success would be working with my partner and reading and completing my recipe. My biggest st (More)
Banana muffins
Refection These banana muffins were super easy to make and I would recommend you make them as well. They are way healthier than store bought muffins and you know all the ingredients, they take no time at all to prepare and make and there a qu (More)

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