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Snowball Cookies
Reflection These cookies were a different method because we didn’t drop them or roll them with our hands. We used a small ice cream scooper. The cookies product standards should be same size and shape because we used a scooper for all cookies (More)
Thin Crust Pizza
Reflection I had a lot of fun making my own pizza. Making the dough was easy, it was just important that we really read the recipe and knew how to activate the yeast. Our water could have been warmer to activate it faster. The most difficult (More)
Homemade Ice Cream
Reflection This was very weird and different for me to make because i had no idea on what to do. I had to be creative and improvise because i don't have an ice cream maker. I had heavy cream and followed a recipe that did not need an ice crea (More)
Chocolate Lava Cake
Reflection This was our first lab test and it seemed easy and there would be no complications, however that's completely false. The instructions were easy to follow but its important that the timing is exact. The part that went wrong with thi (More)
Hot Pot Soup
Reflection This senior home lab I made was inspired by what my uncle usually makes. I looked up a recipe on what base is used which was chicken, but I used vegetable broth. I also looked up how long it would take to to cook the udon noodles b (More)
Reflection: This creation was a one off dish where we had variety of ingredients at our hands. The ingredients included a Spanish rice, zucchini, peppers, corn, beans, cheese/feta and a porchetta. This dish was very full of flavour and colour (More)
Spinach Ricotta Agnolotti/Ravioli
Reflection The pasta went really well. This method was the pasta cookery and a flour mixture.The kneading of the dough went well because I knew my way around the kitchen aid pasta maker and it took less time. I learned that for next time if (More)
Faux Turkey Dinner
Reflection I was not here for the first day of the lab, which was making the chicken and stuffing. The first day was more about preparation and planning and the second was the cooking process. I had to be much more attentive and alert about w (More)
Shakshuka with Rustic Bread
REFLECTION For this lab we created shakshuka with homemade rustic bread. This dish is a traditional breakfast in Israel, but can also be ate for lunch. We included a home made rustic bread also. It was cooked in a cast iron pan with tomatoes (More)
Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce
In senior Foods we created our own ravioli. We made our very own homemade pasta dough with a cheese filling. One of our methods we learned/did was pasta cookery. Included in the cheese filling was ricotta, spinach and a variety of other che (More)
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