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Risotto & Risotto Balls
REFLECTION: For this dish we created our risotto then split it in half, than one portion we ate that day, the other half we made deep fried risotto balls for the next . When making the risotto we had to be very meticulous when adding in the l (More)
Homemade Pasta
Reflection Making the dough was really fun because we got to do it ourselves. I was really worried about how it first looked and felt like because it was so dry, but then I used some water and it eventually turned out to be a nice ball of dou (More)
Oreo Cheesecake Ice cream
Reflection This was really yummy to make and the presentation turned out beautifully. The crust was made out of Oreo pieces this was definitely not the healthiest thing but it was really good. I incorporated some crushed cookies in the batter (More)
creamy Linguine with Shrimp
Reflection This pasta was very creamy and it had lots of flavours. The one thing that did not really go well was the pasta itself. It was a little under cooked so that did not meet the product standards. What I was really proud of was the sa (More)
Chili and Cornbread
Reflection This so far has been my favourite lab. I loved making this chili. When I see chili I think it's hard to make, but it's actually really easy. We tasted and seasoned it about five times. We added more cumin, which really gave it that (More)
Deviled Eggs
Reflection: For this recipe each group got to decided on what they wanted to create for the breakfast buffet. My group chose to do deviled eggs. The hardest part of this process was piping the egg yolk mixture back into the egg. It was hard t (More)
Spinach Dip with Rustic Bread
Reflection: For Ms. Bolli's birthday each group had to make an appetizer to share with teachers and their peers. my group decided to make spinach dip with homemade bread. The spinach dip was creamy and delicious, creating great the epitome fl (More)
Halloween Dessert
Reflection: For Halloween, we got the chance to create a halloween inspired dessert. I decided to make mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. These cupcakes turned out moist, soft and delectable, with the cream cheese frosting e (More)
Buddha Bowl
Reflection: We got the opportunity ti create our very own Buddha bowl, that incorporates proteins, veggies and grains, creating a very vegetarian based meal. Some of the things I included in my buddha bowl were things such as: roasted carrot, (More)
Sweet Potato Fries and Mini Zucchini Garlic Bites
Reflection This was fun but also very challenging for me to make. I really wanted both dishes to taste good, as well as look appealing. What I learned from this lab is that its important to trust your instincts, since you are the one in charg (More)
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