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My Model Town Tutorial
This video will show you how to use to create a town for the Old Town Project with Ms.Mattson and Mr.Purdy (More)
How to login to Office 365
Here is a quick tutorial on how to login to Office 365! How-to-sign-into-office-365-tutorialMore)
OneNote Guide (pdf)
Attached is a copy of my OneNote Guide, if you have any questions please stop by the Tech Centre! OneNote_Guide_pdfMore)
Piktochart guide
PiktochartDownload This is a PDF guide on how t (More)
Canva guide (PDF)
CanvaDownload This is a quick guide (More)
Venngage guide (PDF)
Venngage guideDownload This is a PDF guid (More)
Simple Booklet
This is a tutorial on how to use Simple Booklet by Sona & Lea-Mae! simple-bookletMore)
Easybib Tutorial
Hi guys, this is a quick tutorial on how to use Easybib by Sona & Lea-Mae! Hope this helps:) easybib-tutorial-1More)
Edublog Login & Hashtags
How to log into Edublog! This is a video to help anyone struggling with logging into Edublog. It also includes the steps on how to include hashtags. Hope this helps! (More)
Embedding on Edublog
This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to embed on Edublog by Sona & Lea-Mae! embed-edublog-1More)
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