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How to Send an Appropriate Email to Your Teacher
Here is are some tips on how to send your teacher an appropriate email on Outlook along with some tips. How-to-send-an-ap (More)
Tech Tip - Tips for Searching on Google
This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office. More)
Tech Tip - Google Services
Google Keep Can be used to set reminders on your phone or desktop. also can be used to create to-do lists and notes. Google Doc Much like Word, google doc has similar features, but a different format. As it is a online platform, you are (More)
Changing Your Profile Picture in Office.
I've been noticing lots of people wondering how to change their profile picture into something better than just auto-generated initials. So I'm here to provide a very simple tutorial on how. ~Steps~Step 1 - You can't change your profile without head (More)
Scan Documents with the Notes App and Posting on Teams
Scanning Documents with OneDrive and Posting Assignments on Teams
Tech Tip- How to fix Intermittent Internet Connection In Windows 10
In this Tech Tip, we will show you different possible solution that can solve internet problems. Move closer to the WiFi router or hotspot- You can try moving to different spots at your home or workplace if you have a portable computer. Use a WiF (More)
3 Useful Tech Tips - If You Don't Know, Now You Know
Do you want to step up your tech game? If so... I gotchu fam As times are changing, it is the best time to learn new skills and expand your capabilities. Here are a few tech tips to help you... TIP 1 - How to open a closed tab or browser w (More)
Tech Tip - Trying to Stay Productive While at Home
Making List / To-Do Lists By doing this, you have a visual of what you have to do and you can start to plan your time properly. If you have assignments in every class, write them down (More)
Tech Tips- Spotify Tips Part 1
1. Recover Playlist You Accidentally Deleted - To recover a deleted playlist, you will need to access Spotify Web (different from the Spotify App). - Log into your Spotify account and find Recover Playlist in the menu on the side bar. -Sele (More)
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