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How to Download FREE Procreate Brushes
After purchasing Procreate in the App Store, you will notice that it includes a limited number of brushes. From this Tech Tip, you will learn how to download different types of Procreate brushes without purchasing. In addition, you will learn how to (More)
Resources - Science
APPS Cell Biology 101 You can learn more about cell biology Provides you with study guides on major topics of cell biology, including structure and function Provides quizzes and flash cards  (More)
Resources - English
APPS Essay Checklist Goes through parts of a well-written essay Allows you to keep track of which part of your essay you are on An excellent way to proofread your work and make better changes to it  WEBSITES Hem (More)
Resources - Math
APPS Photomath Scans equations and answers themProvides step by step instructions on how to solve the question Does not solve word problems Math and Science Tutor Math and Science Provides thousands of video les (More)
Tips for Teachers & Students- Practicing Self Care
Here are some tips on practicing self-care at home! Practicing-Self-care-1More)
Creating a Digital Mind Map
Managing Yourself and COVID-19 Stress
Hello Centennial! I hope sharing these tips would at least destress your body & mind! (More)
How to Keep Centennial Safe: Health & Safety Guidelines
Keeping yourself and our community healthy and safe is crucial, especially during this pandemic. For more info, here is an infographic created from Canva. For more information regarding this program, search in our tech blog, Canva for a tutorial. (More)
Widgetsmith: Create Custom Home Screen Widgets on iPhone
Using Widgetsmith app to create easy home screen widgets. Just follow these steps. Launch the Widgetsmith app&nbs (More)
Tech Tips- Free Video Editing Programs
Microsoft Photos Use the video editor in the Photos app to create video slideshows that combine your photos and videos with music, motion, text, and more. You can even add animated 3D effects, like sparkles or fireworks!To get started, open  (More)
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