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Food Photography 101
Hi everyone! Here is a quick, interesting tutorial on taking pictures of your food professionally. (More)
How Technology is Changing Education
How to Create Your Own VR Headset!!
Hello Centennial! Here is a great DIY VR headset tutorial by Suzy! (More)
How to trace images on Goodnotes
Find an image that you want to trace. 2. Get a side-by-side view of the image with Goodnotes. 3. Drag the image from the source to Goodnotes. 4. Resize the image if needed. 5. Trace the image using your computer pen. (More)
GoodNotes Tips & Tricks — 5 Smart Ways To Use Drag & Drop On The iPad
Hello Centennial! Here are more tips to effectively use GoodNotes! Drag & drop has been outstanding so far. Just tap and hold on the document that you want to share and start dragging it to another app as soon as it lifts. You can also hold o (More)
Benefits of Meditation
Kahoot! (More)
Rules and Reminders for Online Classes
Hello Centennial! Here are some classroom rules and reminders for distance learning! (More)
Managing Yourself and COVID-19 Stress
Hello Centennial! I hope sharing these tips would at least destress your body & mind! (More)
Tutorial - Works Cited Page (More)
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