My Favorite Foods Lab: Mac & Cheese Tacos

Many recipes have been made in the past few weeks but if I had choose a favorite out of the many we have made, the recipe I would choose is not even a specific recipe that was given to me but one that was made in a way. This would be my Mac & Cheese Tacos that I made for the create your own Mac & Cheese lab. To describe this dish simply its just your plain old mac & cheese dish with a little spin. This spin would be that its was put in a taco shell and was made to be more of a taco then mac & cheese. The soft cheesy chewiness of the mac and cheese and the crunch from the taco with the heat of the siracha combined to make a great flavorful dish. I was also fond of this dish because of the creativeness from putting mac & cheese in a taco with other ingredients and having it turn out quite well. I like how our group came together on one idea and executing it so it turned out well and how we wanted. Some challenges we faced were that our group was very uncreative at the start and it took us a while to come up with an idea for our mac and cheese. We eventually started working together a bit more and came up with the idea of mac & cheese tacos. Then after we had this idea it didn’t take very long for us to think of the rest. My greatest success for this dish is probably that our group worked together well and had a great outcome towards the end that was most definitely delicious and looked great. These were successes to me because with this idea I honestly didn’t think it would work out that well buy my group worked together and pulled through to make an amazing dish. I was proud that my group finished well and it was paid off by winning the mac & cheese contest (sadly only based on looks).

My Mac & Cheese Tacos

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