My Most Successful Foods Lab

For the choice of my most successful foods lab I would probably say it was my pizza lab. For this lab I made homemade pizza in a cast iron with peppers and more. I liked this recipe because of many different reasons such as flavor, texture, consistency, and more. The thickness of the crust mixed with a good amount of cheese and the few topping that were added just made a great pizza for me. I chose this as my most successful foods lab mainly because of the turnout but also from the collaboration from me and my partner. While the turnout was good the process went well because it was no real challenge for us. The teamwork was somewhat simple for this lab so making ours excellent was quite easy. We followed the inductions almost to a T and helped the turnout quite a bit. The product standards were met quite well by a nice crisp crust, a good amount of cheese, and a few others. I would say the final products was probably the best success because the taste was really close to what I was hoping for with a thick crust that really put the dish over the top. The taste was fairly close to a normal pizza from whatever pizza restaurant you would get it from. If we had a few more personalized toppings the pizza would taste almost exactly the same. I’m most proud of the dough when it comes to this dish because for it being my first time making it I think it turned out pretty well. In this dish like I said I’m probably most proud of to dough or the cooperation between my and my partner. Because this was my first time ever making dough I was quite proud of it and how it turned out with the pizza. And this was my most successful foods lab (in my opinion).


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