Cooking Challenge

The most challenging lab was the “plan of attack Mac n cheese” because my partner and I only had 15 minutes to create a recipe and come up with good ingredients to put into the Mac n cheese. Our Mac n cheese we ended up making was pretty good and something I wouldn’t of made on my own time but it was still a fun and tasty lab. It contained 2 different types of cheese (cheddar and Havarti) tomatoes, bacon and macaroni noodles; strange combo, but very delicious and cheesy. The process of this lab wasn’t tp hard other than planning but the sauce was a little challenging because we had to keep tasting and seasoning to get to taste right. After awhile we finally added the correct amount of salt, pepper and hot sauce to the cheese sauce. We did meet the product standard with this lab because everything was cooked properly and everything was timed perfectly. Some successes we had in this lab was how perfect we cooked the noodles and cooled them just in time under cold water, so they couldn’t cook any longer. I am proud of our end result and that it did taste as good as I thought it was gonna taste even thought we only had 15 minutes to plan and everyone else got a whole class to plan.


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