Successful Cooking

My most successful lab was Mac n cheese because I think I prepared and completed the best out of all the labs. the Mac n cheese we made was a creamy cheese sauce and spices put in to perfection with macaroni noodles cooked al dente. I chose this lab as my most successful one because in my option it was the tastiest and one I wanted to make the most. I met the product standards indefinitely because everything I made was very well made and looked very nice. The sauce was nice bright yellow colour and it was very cheesy with a great little taste of onions ion the sauce as well that enhances the flavour by quite a lot. I am most proud about this experience of making Mac n cheese because now I can make this recipe but add so many more things into the dish as well as making a side dish to go with it to balance the meal out, since its not the healthiest thing you can eat. I did learn how to make a roux and a cheese sauce in this lab as well as how to clarify onions in a pot with butter.


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