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creating a positve digital footprint

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this is an article, i uesd word to do it,

personal/social competencey reflection

o My online support network is helpful to me because they can help me if I need support with something. 

o Some of the ways I work to build and maintain online relationships are being active 

o By doing homework online, I make a positive difference to my peers. 

How To Use Semicolons

  1. What was the common purpose of your design? What program did you use to create your design? 
    1. we used power point for this project
  1. How did you communicate with one another? How did you listen to one another’s ideas and provide one another feedback?
    1. we used Discord to communicate[aka it used to talk and chat]
  1. What were your responsibilities in the group and how did you make sure each member contributed to the design?  
    1. I made sure all the pictures and grammar were correct
  1. How well did you work as a group? Did you use time efficiently together?
    1. no 
  1. How were decisions made? Did you face any problems—if yes, how did you solve them? 
    1. yes, I didn’t like the first picture but then I understood the meaning of it and then I was fine with it
  1. Were you satisfied with the final product? How could you improve on this process for next time?
  2. I feel like next time I could try to arrange set times to work on it and then I think it would work out a lot better


-Geography Towns Project-

Physical landforms:

The Cascade Mountains were formed by the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate subducting underneath the pacific plate. Eventually the rain and snow lead to water erosion of the land that created the Tulameen River. The river was created by the higher elevation of water [rainfall and snow] going to a lower elevation [created by running water] down the mountains. The businesses that could run here could be river rafting because of the rough waters of the Tulameen River, and probably hiking and fishing gear shops for people camping on the mountain.


The weather is made of mild summers [depending on the altitude] and cool but not cold winters, with a stable temperature range with few unusual temperatures on the odd day or two. There is also heavy rainfall that can occur because the mountains keep the clouds trapped. Some businesses that could run there are farming because of the heavy rainfall that could water the crops naturally so less work for farmers. Another business could be ATV and dirt bike rentals for the summer and snowmobile rentals for the winter because it is a moderate temperature place where you get snow, but you do not get too cold in the winter, and you don’t get to hot in summer either.


Coalmont has a thick forest that has a plentiful amount of shrubbery to pick berries from. The thick forest is there because of the good soil that came down the mountains from water flow and became dirt that had all the nutrients so the forest could grow thick shrubbery. Two businesses that could run are forestry companies because of the abundance of trees. Another business that could run is a jam company with all the berry bushes that are there.

About me

My Bio

Hi, I’m Dominic and 14

I  like to play video games and hang out with my friends. I learn best by doing with my hands and seeing examples instead than being told. My favorite way of showing my work is writing. Some of my stretches in learning is procrastinating. For example watching YouTube instead of doing homework and doing homework as soon as I have it due. Another stretch I have is asking more questions. My favorite course has been metal.

My favorite website

My favorited website is YouTube. I like YouTube because it has loads of content to entertain you for hours

my favorite video

this is my favorite video because my favorite youtuber hit the biggest milestone the platform ever saw

my favorite quote

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” -Yoda

i like this quote because i says to never fear what lies ahead