Science Core Competency Self-Assessment

Collaborating through the unknown acids and bases lab

My Artifact: My partner and I collaborating during the lab

This is my artifact that me and my partner did together. We were mixing acids and bases to experiment with what would happen. We worked very efficiently together and got the whole lab done in 1 class. some skills I gained were talking to new people.

How To Use Semicolons

  1. What was the common purpose of your design? What program did you use to create your design? 
    1. we used power point for this project
  1. How did you communicate with one another? How did you listen to one another’s ideas and provide one another feedback?
    1. we used Discord to communicate[aka it used to talk and chat]
  1. What were your responsibilities in the group and how did you make sure each member contributed to the design?  
    1. I made sure all the pictures and grammar were correct
  1. How well did you work as a group? Did you use time efficiently together?
    1. no 
  1. How were decisions made? Did you face any problems—if yes, how did you solve them? 
    1. yes, I didn’t like the first picture but then I understood the meaning of it and then I was fine with it
  1. Were you satisfied with the final product? How could you improve on this process for next time?
  2. I feel like next time I could try to arrange set times to work on it and then I think it would work out a lot better