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Tim Burton in Edward scissor hands uses camera angles and music to portray the different emotions and intentions of the scene.
An example of this is when Kim cuts her hand, the camera is at a low angle the whole scene, but it can mean two different things depending on when you look at it.
In the first part of the scene, it could be showing how her perspective changes from fear of Edward to see the beauty in him. Before this scene, she sees Edward as a scary and threatening person and is very warry about him. But when she sees he can create something beautiful her perspective of him changes.
In the second part of the scene, Edward is shown directly above Kim, with the camera below her. I think this part of the scene is shown in Jim’s thinking, he sees Edward as a threat and sees Kim as a fragile dependent person he needs to keep safe. Edward in this scene is to be a threat because the camera is at a low angle closer to him making him look powerful and, in a way, towering over Kim. Whereas she is below him, to look smaller and weaker.
Therefore, Jim yelled when he did because he thought Kim was in danger but scared Kim. When Kim jerks around to see why Jim had yelled, she slices her hand on Edward’s scissors, which is when the peaceful angelic music stops, showing that the safe and warm feeling and environment that they had has quickly ended and has been replaced by loud and fast drums.
Tim burton uses camera angles and music in this movie to show perspective changes and actions/emotions that can’t be explained in dialogue.


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