Safety and Sanitation

For Safety and Sanitation I chose the eggs. This lab went well, we all worked together and tried our best. All the eggs in the group cooked well. A challenge was having everyone cook their egg at the same time, because it is a small space. But it turned out better than we thought. The safety and sanitation concerns for this lab are that we needed to cut they bread with a rather large knife, and we had to make sure that the eggs were cooked so that we weren’t eating raw egg. Having are hands clean is extremely important. To make sure that we were being safe while cutting the bread, we tucked our fingers in to make sure we were being safe while using the knife. We then washed our dishes well to make sure that they were clean for the next group using the appliances. It is important to be clean and while cooking so that no one gets sick or injured. We want to have a good time cooking with no one getting hurt.


This lab was chocolate chip cookies. It went well because we were all excited to start foods. We went through our recipe step by step so our cookies turned out well. Our group measured everything correctly and we understood what we needed to do. We need communication while cooking so that we can finish what we are trying to make, and finish well. Communication is when a group of people talk together, share ideas, help each other, and working together. Problems that can come during a lab of group member aren’t communicating are getting multiple same ingredients, taking wrong measurements, having the stove not preheated, and not doing the task you were meant to do thinking that your partner is doing it. There are many things that can go wrong. You can solve these problems by checking in with group members, making sure your partner is doing what they are supposed to be doing, and helping out your group members. This photo shows that my group communicated well while making the chocolate cookies because we had the right ingredients, it was the right amount, and they turned out well.

My Favourite Food Experience

My favourite food experience was when my mom and I made sugar cookies. It was near Christmas and when I asked my mom if we could make cookies. She suggested sugar cookies and I agreed. We looked for a recipe online that we liked and we started to make them. They turned out better than I thought. The cookies were sweet but not too sweet, they weren’t dry but they were soft. Everyone enjoyed them so I was happy about that.


I chose Alexander Fleming because he was a physician-scientist and I think that would be an interesting job to have. He had many brilliant discoveries and even discovered penicillin by accident! I chose A_Fleming1928 for his Instagram account because the year 1928 was when he discovered penicillin.


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