Ceramics Core Competency Self-Assesment

My final piece so far!

Creative Thinking

I had the idea to make a small cottage a while ago and finally had the opportunity to for my final piece. I sketched different ideas of cottage designs in my spare time, and chose the one I liked most. I initially wanted to have a tree growing on the side of the house from the bottom that wrapped around the roof, although while I was in the process of constructing the base, I decided to instead have branches growing around the roof to be able to take off the top for more use by storing jewelry on the inside, instead of having the base of the house and the top be connected. I added fine lines and texture throughout my piece such as on the door, the grass around the home, the tree branches up top, and on both the bird and mushroom. I had the idea of having tiny animals living among normal sized plants which is why the mushroom appears to be so big in comparison to the crow. I did this in order to make people think a bit more when they looked at my piece but also to just make it more interesting. Next time, when I have more days to complete a piece like this, I want to add more details, animals, and plants throughout.


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