Music Monday “LAND” Map Assignment: Self Assessment

Core Competency Self-Assessment

How did you select images and words to create meaning? Was this easy for you? Why or why not?

I selected images that went with the quotes I choose. Since I chose quotes that explained the physical appearance of the Indigenous land before it was taken as well as the appearance of where they were living after their land was stolen I drew what was described. These two were quite simple and easy to think of because the quotes from the song were able to provide an image of the land. The figurative drawings were a bit more difficult to think of because they needed to symbolize something. I decided to draw a child in a spoon because the term “scooped away” was used a few time during our discussions in class. The saying referring to the Indigenous children taken away from their families and communities at birth without the consent of family. I decided to draw an image of someone being shushed to symbolize the silencing of the Indigenous people by having their children, culture, and land taken away from them.


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