Breakfast Home Lab

For my Breakfast Home Lab I made a sandwich. This sandwich had Cheddar cheese, cooked Broccoli, Tomato’s, Cilantro and Onions. It had a cheesy, warm butter smell and tasted flavourful. Once I took a bite, I felt the broccoli and onions first. It was perfectly seasoned and nicely textured but, I couldn’t taste the Cilantro. I chose this over the other 3 because it has more veggies, you can add whatever you want and it would still taste good. I had a hard time flipping the whole sandwich when I added all the veggies, but I overcame it by using another metal flipper to flip it. By doing that I got both sides evenly toasted and the cheese melted. Although I had one challenge, I had many successes. One of those successes is having the preparation ready, everything I needed was on my counter and I was ready to go. Something I was proud of was my final product. My final product was nicely done, you could taste all the different flavours in your mouth at once. The adult in my life thought the dish was delicious but recommended to add a different type of cheese. They said it was very filling and cheesy.


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