ADL Digital Footprint

I know that my digital footprint can have both positive and negative consequences like a negative consequence is that if I share to much of my personal life online people could know where I live. A positive consequence is that I can make so many friends online and you meet so many nice people online. 

 Some of my preferred strategies for maintaining a healthy, balanced online presence include. Not being online for extended periods of time to take a break from the computer or phone and take a step outside can be beneficial for us. Another strategy I use to maintain a balanced online presence is be kind to everyone you meet online and not leave any rude or mean comments on anyone’s post because that can really affect their mental health.  

I make digital ethical choices such as not to make a fool of myself online so other people could see and make fun of me. Aswell as not posting anything rude or mean about other people in order to help keep a good image online.  

What’s the Word around town

I was able to find out how Geography impacted the town but it was really hard for me because i cant pull out information when reading stuff easily but i was able to find out by researching for hours.

The technology affected my learning because I am not good at this technology that I really had a hard time doing the map and knowing how to do the things I didn’t find any pros I absolutely hated using map hub it was confusing and difficult for me and when i finished my project it didn’t save so now I had to hand in my 6 markers instead of the 9.

I was not happy with the design because it would have been better but it didn’t save my work I spent like 10 hours doing it so it would be perfect but the stupid website didn’t save so I wasted my time and my effort.

I would refine this by 1 picking a different town because jasper was a hard one for the parks because half of them were in Banff and 2 I would check twice before leaving the site to make sure it saved.