Drafting and design 11


One assignment that was very hard for me was the cabinet project I didn’t really know how to do this as I’m not very good at this class, but I managed to get it done and I got a 17/24, I think I could’ve gotten more marks by labeling the top and bottom. The hardest part of this assignment for me was making the cabinet in AutoCAD I found it really hard and boring. I did learn a lot from this assignment I learned how to use SketchUp properly and efficiently. I make my ideas work or change what I’m doing when I forgot to make a shelf in my cabinet so what I did was put a medium sized shelf in one of the glass door cabinets. I can show if I like something or not by really doing the most and extra stuff when doing said thing when I don’t like something I mostly don’t give it my all. Here is a picture of my cabinet project.