Cooking at Home Recipe #1

A while ago, we got a food assignment where we had to choose a recipe and make it at home. I added some Indian masala in a bowl and mixed them up before putting in anything else or preparing the ingredients. I mixed in some besan (ground flour) in the masala. Then I mise en place my vegetables which included onions, green bell pepper and spinach. I cut small bread pieces diagonally into half and then oiled a non-stick frying pan. Then I added the vegetables into the masala mixture and mixed until the mixture became moist. While the oil was heating up, I dipped the bread pieces into the masala mixture from both sides so the mixture was stuck on the bread. Overall, I loved making this. It turned out to be extremely tasty and full of Indian traditional flavours. I would love to try till recipe with some ingredients like broccoli, cheese, mushroom and I will definitely make it again.


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