Home Cooking Assignment #4

For Home Cooking assignment #4, I made another Indian dish called chana poor. There was barely any mise en place required for this since all I needed were some chane, also known as, chickpeas, in English. I cooked the chickpeas in boiling water for some time and then I took them own. I cut some onions and I added some dal masala into the water along with the chickpeas. This way the chane got flavour and got soft. Then I started making the poori, where I needed some dough and then set it aside for a few minutes. I then rolled the dough out and cooked it in a pot full of oil and I cooked it till it blew like a balloon. and there you go! These two things were ready to be served together although I could not get a picture of them together. It really did not take that much effort but it did take about 2 hours because I was making them for the first time and I had to keep getting my mother’s help in between.


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