Core Competency: Communication

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  1. What was a challenge/obstacle you encountered when working on your core competency skill?
  • I could speak confidently in front of the class to the classmates, but communicate with them in well-constructed forms that are effective in relation to my purpose was difficult.

2. Why is this skill important for everyday life?

  • Communication skill is one of significant skills in our life because where we go, always there is people. At the school or in a work place, I am doing communicate with my friends and teachers.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

Social Awareness & Responsibility in BCA 12

I am writing this after reading whole page of ‘Social Awareness and Responsibility’.

  • Core competency is an important special capability or expertise, especially that of a business affording it sustainable competitive advantage.  
  • The most obstacle is knowing about myself when I encountered when working on my core competency skill. Describing and introducing myself to others is difficult because I didn’t think how much skills do I have or can use.  After reading this, I learn about the meaning of core competency skills that include various basic knowledge such as building relationship or valuing diversity.  
  • A core competency can be used in anywhere because we should recognize social awareness and responsibility for improving quality of our life, even in the school. I believe this skill is important to everyone in order to lead the development of markets’ services and products. It should be difficult to win among the competitors, but it will expand variety of markets.  

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EDUBLOG Showcase

I am proud of myself that I can cook well by myself. My cooking skill (cutting, boiling, frying skill) increased and got much better. I am most proud of my last post’s cooking. I couldn’t cook fried eggs but now, I can cook challenging dishes. Since the last assignment, I realized that my cooking skills got much better. Also, the first assignment was the most challenging because I made the food for the first time. I was nervous that I was cooking without adults.

What makes us who we are – final home lab

(Fried Tofu stuffed with rice)
(Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge)

I planned for my meal to be smooth, deliciously, soft, smelly. My meal was three dishes, the main dish is Udon, the side dish is Fried Tofu stuffed with rice and the appetizer is Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge.

(The picture that I’m the main)

The Udon was smooth, salty, soft, smelly. Fried Tofu stuffed with rice was yellow, sour, soft and sweet. Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge was white, sweet, smooth and salty. The taste was quite the same but the appearance was different. For example, the Fried Tofu stuffed with rice didn’t look clear.

I believe I showed strength in the seasoning and cutting skills because I usually forgot to taste foods in order to season the soup, so the foods were salty. Moreover, I didn’t cut well any ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. There had lots of time to cut and chop ingredients, but I can cut well and quickly now.

(The picture that I’m cooking)

These dishes are common so we can enjoy them whenever. Udon and Fried Tofu stuffed with rice are actually Japanese foods, but we usually eat Korean version in Korea. I think Korean influence Japanese because Korea is close to Japan. Finally, in Korea, we usually eat Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge when we sick or tasteless.

Cooking at Home Option 1 Using What You Already Have

I made red pepper paste soybean paste stew. The red pepper paste and soybean paste are kind of Korean traditional sauce. The dish was salty, red, flavourful, soft. Next time, I want to put a little bit of pepper paste or soy sauce. It was too salty. There was no trouble to make it without cutting an onion. My greatest success was that I could control the amount of ingredients. I am proud of myself that I could cook a Korean dish successfully.

Cooking at Home Option 7 Make a family tradition

I made Cream soup pasta. The tastes were Salty, mild, spicy (if you add the chilli) and greasy. The looks were white, creamy and the smell was flavourful. Our family made when I attended elementary school at home. We made and eat with the cake to celebrate Christmas. For my family, we worked hard cheery this year. It was so hard to peel and slice the garlic. Furthermore, I overcame it and successfully sliced the garlic. I boiled pasta successfully. I was nervous that I would burn the pasta. Fortunately, I burned only a little bit of pasta. And, I made pasta for the first time. I had never pasta alone before. I just helped my parent such as cleaning dishes.

Cooking at Home Option 1- Using What You Already Have

I made chopped steak with rice and egg and ate with my roommate. It was a salty, a little bit sweet, soft, tasteless (if you do not put any seasonings), mild. If I make it again, I will put more sugar or put less soy source. It was so salty. I faced the challenge of the oil splattering on my hands and arms. So, I cooked it carefully.

Also, I could not find white sugar, so I put brown sugar. I proud my self that I roasted the meat for the first time.

Cooking at Home Option 2 Old Food to New Food

I made fried rice with roasted tofu and egg. The leftover food I used was from the last assignment. I ate with my roommate. There were 5 flavours, such as mild, salty (if you pour a lot of soy sauce), plain, tasteless (if you do not put any seasonings) and bland. I would mince the tofu if I made it again. It was difficult to fry the rice carefully in order to keep it in the frying pan. So, I fried slowly. Also, the taste was my greatest success. It was yummy. I am proud that I can use a gas stove freely because it is an old stove. So, it is complicated to turn on.

Cooking at Home Option 4 Building your skills – Technique

I made the roasted tofu with egg mixture and I ate it with my roommate. I chose to improve my flipping skills because I missed my mother’s cooking and this dish required flipping skills. I learned more with Youtube and Naver blog, the Korean website.

My mom said you should remove the water from the tofu before cooking because the water might come out. A little bit of water came out when I was cooking. Luckily, it was okay.