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A) Yes, I was able to identify this problem with ease. To find the problems and solutions about my innovation, I searched them up on reliable sources. I also have incandescent light bulbs and I don’t find them very efficient. I wrote down some of my problems with them and found out solutions to why it heats up so much with some research and examining it in person. 

B) Using the information I had for this project, I was able to imagine what it would look like I about 50 years from now. I recognized the problems with the incandescent light bulbs and thought of ways that would make it better. 

C) Yes, I was very satisfied with the result of my design and solutions. I fixed every problem the incandescent light bulbs had and made a unique and interesting light bulb with some extra materials people might find useful and fun! 

D) What I would refine in my assignment for next time is to spend more time on the slides and drawings to make them fancier and maybe add additional information to it. 


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