When I searched myself up on google, I didn’t find me or my social media. instead, I found another person who was also named Judy Wong who was a doctor. I’m not surprised by anything since I didn’t post many things about myself online. i believe that people who found their digital footprint has posted many things about themselves online. a few of my friends. this shows that I’m very aware of what I post online.

I believe that my information follows two of the 5 C’s. They are the ‘control of identity’, and ‘cautious sharing of information’. this shows because I keep my identity and information secure so that no information will leak out.

I am aware that if any inappropriate things are out there in the public, it will affect my future. I may not get my dream job because the first thing people hiring you looks at, is your social media, seeing if you post anything inappropriate, or things that are not appropriate for their workplace. if they find out any information about you that is leaked out for everyone to see, it will definitely affect what people think of you and maybe end up with a job that you hate. Secondaries will look at you information to and you can end up in an education that you might hate. In addition, hat can also lead to you not having a proper education. Families and friends may think of you differently from when they first met you. If you post something like you vaping or doing drugs, it can be shared and sent out to you family. it can be shared to you grandparents and they can be so in shock that they’ll have a heart attack and die.

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